Admin Dashboard

Rundiz template for admin

is the HTML template and CSS, JS set for admin page layout. It also come with essential components that mostly administrator application have to use.

RDTA support modern browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi in all OS.

Almost all element (> 90%) was reset the design to display the same way cross browsers and yes we do support accessibility.

Check for the last update or fork me on Github


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New 2


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Name Address Email
Name Address Email
Gwendolyn Uphill 282 Springview Street
Reinhold Keneleyside 820 Old Gate Parkway
Leroy Orrah 8 Charing Cross Avenue
Rutherford Tarney 10 Valley Edge Park
Perl Lancetter 98697 Bultman Park
Georgie Ballister 91 Namekagon Road
Gay Bill 825 Reindahl Trail
Leonid Berryann 693 Roxbury Road
Robby Scotson 74600 Loeprich Way
Valerie Tappor 5 Welch Junction